XROMM Data Management Portal

This is a web-based environment for management of X-ray Motion Analysis (XMA) data. Using this tool authenticated users can create a new studies or trials, transfer file and batch submit trials and files to the XMA portal. Using this tool allows the archiving, analysis, and publication of X-ray Reconstruction of Moving Morphology (XROMM) datasets. This gives a simple interface which allows researchers to package trial data and metadata collected at the XROMM facility and transfers it to Midway, once it’s there, it can be stored long-term and also accessed using a searchable web interface.

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The XROMM Data Management Portal is a web environment for curating of X-ray Motion Analysis ( XMA ) data.

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The University of Chicago XROMM Facility is a Shared Research Facility so it is important to follow these SOPs regarding data management so that other users can do their research effectively and securely. This XROMM Data Management Portal gives an easy to use web-based interface to facilitate the XROMM instrumentation that will be very easy to use for researchers and students.

XROMM Data Management Portal Features

State-of-the-art Data Curation Tool

A web-based curation tool that allows researchers to tag and submit metadata to characterize the feeding behaviors.

Connected Subject, Study, Trials

The RESTful API services to save, edit and update different Subject, Study, Trials based on user permission levels.

Supports secure file transfer & Storage

Supports single or 'batch' file transfer along with associated large datasets/files at once to facilitate long-term data preservation.

Interdisciplinary effort integration

User can login with their corresponding institutional logins and use the portal seamlessly using secure authentication.

How XROMM Data Management Portal works?


XROMM Workflow

Connecting the dots between research studies and experimental data

The core challenge involves transferring the terabytes of data users accumulate while using XROMM to Midway in a safe and secure manner, from where it can then be accessed and searched for further analysis. Using this user-friendly web tool that enables users to create studies, upload trial data, and associate metadata with the uploaded files can overcome this great challenge.

This web portal can initiate one at a time or batch transfers of files to Midway and uploads of the file metadata to the UChicago XMA Portal that allows users to search, access and store securely.

  • National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • University of Chicago